PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, popularly known as PHP, is a famous imperative programming language, which can be used to create dynamic sites with interactive components such as Internet forums, online learning sites or social networking sites. In comparison with static HTML websites, a PHP website can serve different content to each visitor under the same exact URL. As PHP-based apps can be managed via one single Control Panel tool, which you can log on to using any Internet browser, you won’t need to possess any computer programming abilities or past experience whatsoever in order to maintain a PHP-powered site. The fact that 100s of millions of websites around the globe are created with PHP is indicative of the language’s popularity and ease of use. You only ought to make certain that the server on which your site is hosted supports the very same version of PHP as the one that you used whilst developing the site.
PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7 and PHP 8 Support in Shared Website Hosting
Our shared website hosting servers support several PHP versions, which implies that your sites will run without any problem no matter if your scripts are outdated. We recognize the fact that an old site doesn’t invariably suggest a vulnerable one as you may have implemented a lot of code modifications. That is the reason why we support PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7 and PHP 8 and you can choose which one will be active for your hosting account. You can change the version with one single click from your Hepsia hosting Control Panel and the update will be applied instantly. In case you want to run both older and newer scripts, there’s even a possibility to use a different version of PHP for each domain of yours simultaneously.