ImageMagick and GD are 2 of the most widespread graphic software libraries on the market. They make the dynamic creation and editing of images and graphs on an internet site doable, so they must be present on a web server if you host your websites on it and you would want to have something different than static images with fixed dimensions. If ImageMagick and GD are present, you'll be able to edit any image in many different ways - create thumbnails, change the colors, flip it, blur it, etc. Naturally, these modifications are doable if the script app that you use on your site permits you to carry out such things. The 2 libraries could be used with various web development languages - PHP, Python, Perl, etc., and support more than one hundred widely used image formats which you shall be able to work with - PNG, PSD, JPEG, TIFF, GIF and more.
ImageMagick and GD Library in Shared Website Hosting
ImageMagick and GD Library are installed on our revolutionary cloud website hosting platform, therefore no matter which of our shared website hosting you purchase, both apps will be available and activated by default for your new account. They will be part of the software environment for your websites whatever the PHP version that you select since we offer several different versions. Each custom or ready-made script app will be able to use the libraries to create thumbnails of your images or graphs from plain text. Determined by the type of your website, you can also offer various solutions for your visitors - interactive galleries, real-time image editing software on a social network website and many others.