In case you’ve never signed up for a hosting account or you’ve switched companies and the new one deploys an account administration interface that you haven’t seen before, you may get confused about how to complete a particular task in your account or on your desktop computer. That’s the reason why, a lot of web hosting providers have compiled a knowledge base, which presents the most frequent enquiries and challenges pertaining to their platform, rather than including only some generic information. Such a knowledge base will help you find the needed information swiftly and effortlessly, so you will not have to dedicate plenty of time and effort to stuff that might require something as simple as pushing a button or ticking off a checkbox. Thus, not only can you get things done, but you can also become aware of a lot of new and relevant details, both about the way you can manage your account and about the way the web hosting service works as a whole.
Extensive Online Documentation in Shared Website Hosting
If you have purchased your first shared website hosting package through our company or have transferred your site over to us, you will become accustomed to our platform and our created-developed Hepsia Control Panel in no time thanks to the fact that we have compiled a substantial web-based knowledge base where you can find all the info that you’ll ever need – both general info about the hosting service as a whole and more specific info about the different functions that you can use and the complications that you may encounter. The articles are available in two places. The entire article list can be accessed through the Control Panel’s Help section. You can find articles that are dedicated to the different functions in each and every section of the Control Panel too. You can become aware of how to do pretty much everything, from enabling an .htaccess file to managing an electronic mailing list, and all the articles feature detailed instructions, so you will never become bewildered on account of an ambiguous text. Naturally, in case you experience a more specific problem and you do not find an adequate solution in our knowledge base, you can touch base with our help desk support team representatives 24/7.